Why do I do this?

I’m Goce. That’s probably the most you want to know about me, as to the question why am I doing this? Well I have more than one motives to do it, but the most important one that is driving my motivation would be because I am so much upset with what the world leading notebook manufacturers do for Microsoft (licking their ..@$$). They do not provide drivers for XP despite the fact that the actual xp drivers do exist and work perfectly. They simply don’t put a cd with winXP drivers and they do not publish drivers for xp on their website, claiming that they do not support it. All of this with a reason and one reason only – to make people buy and use the disgusting and resource hungry Vista. Ok, maybe I’m exagurating, vista has its advantages too, but to put it on a pc with celeron notebook and claim that it is vista capable is just stupid and not even funny for world leading manufacturers like hp, asus, msi, acer lg, fujitsu siemens etc.. Vista simply takes too much resources and that’s it! They could have simply improve windows xp and make and os that is actually worth using, but they wanted more money and now I want to make them suffer! I would do my best to help everybody out there install xp, find xp drivers and use xp as long as there isn’t any lighter, better and improved operting system out there.

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