Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Windows XP Drivers Download

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Drivers XP

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Drivers XP


CPU: Core Duo T2130

Memory: 2048MB

Hard Drive: 160GB SATA

Optical Drive: DVD Multi Format DL Burner

Display: 15.4 WXGA BrilliantView

Graphic Card: ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200M with up to 256 HyperMemory

Communication: Modem: 56k ; LAN: 10/100 ; WLAN: bg/standard

Ports: VGA output, 4xUSB2.0, Mic/Line in, Headphones out, Built-in Speaker

OS: Vista Basic

Imagine in your head a picture of loading an elephant in a Mini Morris? Impossible right? Well not quite. Fujitsu Siemens delivers the Amilo Li 1718 with Windwos Vista Home, so loading the elephant should be a lot easier than working on a budget notebook with Windows Vista installed. The Amilo Li 1718 is a nice budget machine, with dual core processor and a low-end graphic card mostly intended for simple writing tasks and surfing the web. The fact that I’m writing about it is because Fujitsu Siemens doesn’t offer support for Windows XP, which means they do not provide Windows XP Drivers for it, nor on their website, nor a cd with the notebook itself.

But again, do not worry, I am here to help. I found all of the drivers for windows xp and they work perfectly well. Simply run your winXP install, download the drivers I listed below and install them one by one. Thats it, now you will have a nice budget pc machine with an Operating System that is actually worth working on and is fast like it should.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Audio Driver XP

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Chipset Driver XP

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Display Driver XP

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Modem Driver XP

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Wireless Driver XP

The installation is pretty straight forward on most of them except on the display driver where you should choose AGP during install, and the wireless driver doesn’t have runable exe file, and you should go through Device Manager, Update Driver and just point to the folders with the driver files.

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  2. Ingwarek Says:

    damn,im HAPPY!! im search this drivers LOT of time. 8-) thanks.

  3. Ingwarek Says:

    damn. i cant DL audio and display. my adsl connect crush after 60-80% file DL. Im try DL 10+ times. arrgh (

  4. Goce Says:

    Hey, sorry to hear that Ingwarek, can you confirm whether it is due to your connection, or the server?

    Because I’ve been having some problems with the server lately, so I may upload them to another host if everyone experiences this.

  5. Mads Says:

    I couldent get the fujitsu siemens amilo li 1718 audio driver windows xp to work, sayes file was corupt, i tryed several times..

  6. Goce Says:

    Hi Mads

    Thanks for updating us on that, some users have also complained about not downloading correctly from that link. I will move the driver files on other server tommorow so you can download them without problem.


  7. Elena Says:

    I spent a month searching for the full set of drivers.

    Thankyou !!

  8. HATEM Says:

    I couldent get the fujitsu siemens amilo li 1718 DISPLAY driver windows xp to work, sayes file was corupt, i tryed several times..

    CAN U SEND ME MESSGE WHEN U downloading correctly link from that


  9. deni Says:

    are those all dirvers i need to make xp work on my notebook and are the all working

  10. John Says:

    Hi – Brilliant! Thank you so much. All five loaded up just as I’d hoped. I needed to download software to read the .rar files, and found this at

    But I still have two minor issues:
    1) The wireless driver is installed and says it’s working fine, but it doesn’t actually detect my home network. I noticed there’s a wireless hardware button above the keyboard that doesn’t seem to do anything – and a light below the keyboard next to the on light that isn’t lit … I’m wondering if there’s a small Fujitsu software piece missing to enable the hardware switch to make a missing connection?

    2) There’s a hardware switch for the fan speed/cpu speed that is also not doing anything … may be similar to the first point.

    Can you give me any pointers on this?

    Nearly there now! Just a couple of glitches to sort. Thanks again.

    Kind regards, John

  11. Goce Says:

    Hello John,

    I think you might be right, and there is a software for enabling the buttons on the Amilo 1718. It is called Launch Manager. I will include it in my post soon. Here is the link:

    It it is for Windows Vista, but it should work with Windows XP too. Please try it and confirm if it works.

  12. giannis Says:

    The wireless driver is installed and says it’s working fine, but it doesn’t actually detect my home network. I noticed there’s a wireless hardware button above the keyboard that doesn’t seem to do anything – and a light below the keyboard next to the on light that isn’t lit … I’m wondering if there’s a small Fujitsu software piece missing to enable the hardware switch to make a missing connection?

  13. deni Says:

    giannis did you resolve your problem is windows xp working properly

  14. georginiogr Says:

    Hello to everyone. Cann tell to me someone if cann run the XP in FS Amilo li 1718 with the drivers from this site without problems? I v try many times to run win xp home edition butt i always have problems with drivers like usb and wireles. Also if someone try the divers from this site, and cann run win xp without problems…pls send me mail to . I hate Vista and i wann go back to xp.

  15. Ahmad Says:

    The Launch Manager worked perfectly for my Win XP Service Pack 3.

    Thanks alot.

  16. Paolo Says:

    Ottimo lavoro! Grazie mille. Thanks a lot!
    Per il tasto Wireless va istallato Launch Manager e va tutto liscio.

  17. Richard Says:

    Thank you very, very much for these drivers. I’m having trouble installing the wireless driver. Can’t find anything related to “wireless” in the Device Manager. Can’t find any fast USB drivers either. Sorry to ask but please ….. anyone ?


  18. diablo Says:

    I want drivers for vista!! can you help me?? I wan sites

  19. at2819 Says:

    hey i can’t install the wireless for my notebook…can somebody help me?

  20. Robert, Sweden Says:

    Thanks for these drivers!

    I´ve a problem with my Graphic card, I suppose, after changing from Vista to XP. This problem appears when VLC is running in fullscreen, an annoying sound disturbs. I had no problem with VLC when I had Vista.
    Is there anyone who had have the same problem?

  21. Florin Says:

    You are amazing!!! All drivers (downgrade vista to XP for Amilo Li 1718) works OK !!! Thank YOU very, very, very ,much !!
    Excuse my english

  22. Dkingger (DK) Says:

    You just saved me a hole lot og time searching the web for these drivers. Thx a million m8!!!!

  23. PoisoN Says:

    Hi, where can i update ethernet driver for amilo li1718 for windows xp, all the others work^^

  24. Behemoth Says:

    Many many thanks for posting these, you have saved me trying to tell someone they should have made a copy of their Vista backup discs for a 1718 laptop.

    Next stop, make an Arcronnis image :D

  25. Behemoth Says:

    Many thanks for these drivers, they have saved me a really big and nasty job :)

  26. Emil Says:

    thx m8es ,nice to find solution free)),wlan really
    works with that driver and vista FSC Launch Manager ,just need to press the button ,thx again

  27. Emil Says:

    ethernet doesnt need to be download but somehow i
    got problems with broken downloads too,so put driver for
    AMILO Li 1720
    AMILO Li 1818
    AMILO Li 1820

    works faster and more secure …

  28. Karen Vorster Says:

    Thank you for the drivers. Wonderful work you did.
    The only one not working is my graphics driver. Says there was a data error File is broken. Would you still be able to help.
    Thanks for the Trouble.

  29. Peter Says:

    Hi, It would be great to have the drivers, and especially the SATA drivers, for the AMILO Li 3910.

    I suppose the drivers for the 1720 are not suitable for the 3910.


  30. paul Says:

    Thanks a lot man, im gonna try em out. Vista really is way to heavy for this budget laptop. I couldnt agree more…


  31. althetaff Says:

    I am getting corrupt archive for the audio driver and the display driver.
    The rest worked great.

    Does anyone have a working link for these two?


  32. rogie Says:

    drivers work great, many thanks but some keys on my keyboard are mixed much and my screen views (icons, txt) seems a bit blury. can anyone help me on fixing it?

  33. ajay Says:

    hi man thanks for your help this is best man thanks very much

  34. dexxx Says:

    all drivers working and wireless drivers to with launch menager

  35. Zeljko-Serbia Says:

    Thanks for the drivers work perfectly

  36. Saskia Says:

    Hey there,

    I have an amilo Li 3410. Do you think your drivers would work for me aswell?

    Thanks a bunch!


  37. Zhang Woo Says:

    would please with the drives of w/lan for amilo li 2727 the wireless does not fuction at all guys

  38. azeri Says:

    very very very godd site
    thank you thank you thank you

  39. Adib Says:

    Can someone help me with the wlan…I install the driver then i cant find any conections but i can find with others computers and through my cellphone :O

  40. thanks Says:

    Thanks a lot i found it a lot of. Thanks man

  41. sham Says:

    hi there ive installed the wireless driver and the luanch manager but still cant find any wireless network please help.

  42. salahelgazar Says:


  43. salahelgazar Says:

    salah in egpte cairo

  44. joseph Says:

    I need wireless drivers for Amilo Li2727

  45. Ian Says:

    Hi. Thanks for the drivers. I have a problem though, My screen size is completely wrong now. The display overlaps and I can’t fix it. Any advise?

  46. jerrrry from norway Says:

    tnx a lottt

    windows 7 drivers you know if any oute???

    pardone da englese

  47. hamis Says:

    i need those drivers for safe

  48. hamis Says:

    fujitsu siemens computer vga driver

  49. Daniel Says:

    Hey, some problems,

    On my Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, I try to install the Audio Driver, but it doesn’t install, (just doesn’t load).

    Thanks, Daniel.

  50. Chris Says:

    Hi Guys.

    Everytime I switch on my Amilo Notebook now I am losing internet connection within 10 minutes(even if I am sitting beside my wireless router). Moreover, my machine is refusing to shut down until the battery is dead.

    Can anyone help me with this? I can’t even download any solutions because my connection lasts for such a short amount of time.


  51. Stephan Says:

    Je tiens a remercier le webmaster de ce site, j’ai installé les drivers qu’il recommande pour Amilo LI 1718 sous XP et la machine fonctionne parfaitement. comme dit Ahmad si vous installez le Sv Pack 3 de windows XP le launch Manager prévu pour Vista fonctionne aussi sous XP. Encore un grand merci

  52. Cedi Says:

    thxx for drivers.

  53. Aykut Says:

    windows 7 compatible driver need urgent help! ..

  54. tom stanworth Says:

    Please can Fujitsu release a wireless driver for the Li 1818 and windows 7. Come on, this is crazy not to be able to ue windows 7 bec the wireless wont work!

  55. Pablo Says:

    I’ve got all of them working except the wifi one like the poster a few posts up. What device in Device Manager do I update?

  56. Pablo Says:

    It’s cool, it was the Ethernet one in Device Manager and Network Adapter as the device type.

  57. ivor Says:

    i couldn’t download

  58. abdel Says:

    plz who got the fsc launch manager for amilo li 1718
    upload it and give me the link cuz i cant access to fujistu siemens siteweb


    Hi Guys,
    All the usb ports on my Fujitsu Amilio Li1718 are not working. Does anyone know where i can download the drivers from..
    Thanks in Advance

  60. Ivancho Says:

    All drivers works fine with Win XP OS in my AMILO Li 1718.Lunch buttons for wireless setings work very good. Thank you very much for all administrators on this site.

    You are the BEST

  61. diego Says:

    hola me podria decir alguien donde descargar los drivers para el amilo Li 1718 de windows 7 ultimate de 32 bits. he estado buscando los drivers pero nada e incluso le e instalado los del xp y los del vista pero nada. porfavor necesito ayuda urgente!!!! sino hay drivers aun para este portatil de windows 7 porfavor diganmelo y le pondre otra vez el XP gracias

  62. Obi Wan Says:

    Has anyone got Windows 7 wireless drivers for Amilo LI 1718

  63. jacquie Says:

    hi.i need a wireless adapter for fujitsu.any ideas where i can download

  64. Fuji Says:

    I need help with my li1718. I installed Win7 but the launch manager doesn’t work so I can’t use the wireless internet. Can anybody help me? Thanx!

  65. dan Says:

    I’ve just spent a while trying to get the wireless to work. I just downgraded to XP Performance edition SP3 (XP without all the shit that comes with it) .. installed the drivers from this page and the fsc launch manager. all the function buttons worked for me (FN + F Keys), but the 3 silver buttons located below the screen wouldnt work. This meant that I couldnt get the wireless working. To get around this, go to the launch manager’s folder (C:\program files\launch manager) … and locate the WisWBSet.exe, open that and then you can turn the wireless on without the button. However, you have to do this everytime you boot up your computer, so I suggest creating a shortcut to it and putting it in your windows startup folder (Start-> Programs -> Startup) … Hope that helps people with wireless problems. If there’s a better fix than this please let me know!

  66. George Says:

    I’ve the Amilo li1718 and need the USB drivers for win XP, cause each time that I try to put a pen drive in the PC, it hangs. If I put an USB mouse or keyboard, just doesn’t recognize it.

    Does anyone knows where to get the drivers or a possibly approach to find a solution?


  67. ritzee anzures Says:

    use the original launch manager installer, i your wireless will work just fine.. the only concern i get is that it “windows is shutting down” and it hang all night. can anybody help.thanx much…

  68. Chris Says:

    I too need the Windows 7 wireless drivers for Amilo LI 1718. Pleeeeease. I can’t seem to find one anywhere!

  69. chris Says:

    i too need a windows 7 wireless adapter for the amilo Li 1718, any downloads available?

  70. A Says:






  71. Timur Says:

    It saved my a lot of time searching

  72. Waynerrr Says:

    This is great, thank you very much. However, I do have the same issues as some with the audio driver.

  73. Amez-Droz Says:

    Merci vous m’avez vraiment tiré d’une situation catastrophique. Les Drivers fonctionnent très bien et le pc a repris de la vigueur

  74. Tony Says:

    Hi! Very good job. Though i recommend you guys to download the newest drivers.
    GPU: choose Xpress 200m
    Sound: choose Hd audio driver
    Wireless: The newest driver for atheros. Cheers//Tony

  75. Tony Says:

    sorry forgot the chipset: and there you choose the southbridge driver//Tony

  76. mike Says:

    hey guy im settin her whit amilo 1718 but i wanna et xp on it . i got al the driver 2 xp… but how ever i cant use my cd-rom cuz sum how the own delet and he dont got he cd whit the driver on ..
    and i cant findt it .. can you plz help me ? .. plz email me it

    ty alot for any hjelp ..

  77. lee Says:

    hi i just put windows xp on my fujitsu amilo LI 1718 but i cannot find a driver for the wireless HELP !!! the ones on here do not seem to work :(

  78. Geoff Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. You have made my machine a better one!

  79. Tony Says:

    Hii lee have you fixed your wireless?? if not do you have the atheros wireless?

  80. Download XP Drivers Says:

    You are such a great help! I hope many Fujitsu lappy users would stumble on this thread!You certainly got great links of drivers here!

  81. kran Says:

    Огромное человеческое спасбо!

  82. chaise lounge chair cushions Says:

    Hello, just needed you to know I have added your site to my Google bookmarks because of your great blog layout. But seriously, I think your site has one of the freshest theme I’ve came across. It really helps make reading your blog a lot better.

  83. mike Says:

    That looks like my laptop.
    Reinstalled operating system.Xp instead of vista and need drivers.

  84. mike Says:

    sound driver not working?
    installed it and can’t hear a thing.

  85. Hristo Says:

    hi, i want to ask how to instal this Wireless drivers, because i didn’t see any EXE to instal.
    Thanks beforе!
    P.S. sorry my english

  86. TT Says:

    Thanks for the drivers. You saved my day!

  87. Graham Says:

    Any users having problems with wireless not working in windows 7 you need to download the launch manager V_1.4.9 from fujitsu’s website the vista version will work fine. Once installed when you use the FN F1 key combo a menu will appear asking if you want to enable the wireless controller. Hope this helps someone

  88. JANFREY Says:

    Hi, sorry for muy bad english. The wlan controler have been instaled, but It doesnt start… what can I do?, I need Wlan…

    Please Help me.

  89. JANFREY Says:

    Por favor, no consigo que funcione el WLAN. He instalado el Launch Manager y el botón de Wireless y la luz de abajo siguen sin funcionar. Ya no se qué hacer, ¿alguien ha conseguido que funcione en su PC?, ¿Cómo?.

    He instalado correctamente todos los Drivers, he leído cuidadosamente todos los comentarios, no puedo hacer funcionar el Wireless.

    Por favor, ayuda.

  90. JANFREY Says:

    Please do not get it to work on WLAN. I installed the Launch Manager and Wireless button down and the light still will not work. I do not know what to do, someone has managed to work on your PC?, How?.

    I installed all drivers correctly, I read carefully all the comments, I can not run the Wireless.

  91. JANFREY Says:

    Well, all fixed, thanks.

  92. chris Says:

    Thank you!
    The drivers are all corect and working!

  93. Stoimen Says:

    Graham you are completely true!!! My friends told me that windows 7 contain all drivers for FujitsuSiemens, but only the wireless driver we need to install which is for vista and everything work properly :)

  94. Ruwan Says:

    damn,im HAPPY!! im search this drivers LOT of time. 8-) thanks.

  95. Paul Says:

    Thanks for the post. It helped me install XP SP3 on my friend’s Amilo 1718.

    I got the wireless working by installing “FSC Launch Manager” for Vista, it works perfectly with XP. Search the Fujitsu site for “Launch Manager”, I installed version 1.4.4.

    You can also get wi-fi to start automatically from with in the BIOS.

  96. Erik Larsen Says:

    I have a Fujitsu Amilo Laptop D7830, and I miss a driver for the mediesoundcard, could You tell me where I can download that.
    Thanks in advance.

  97. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo! Says:

    […] Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Windows XP Drivers Download <- 5 XP drivers for you Reply With Quote   […]

  98. Chris Says:

    hi i have an amilo li1718 and i want to change my mothrboard. can someone tell me any iformation about this laptop’s motherboard? any product number etc or anything else.. thanks responds to

  99. Per Says:

    Hello, im in need for those xp drivers but there is something wrong with the server. Is says Fatal error: Smarty error: etc.

  100. rafiq Says:

    its good for me

  101. Esben Says:


    er der nogen som kan fortælle mig hvor denne wireless driver skal ligges hen?

    Hvilken mappe?

    Håber i kan hjælpe.

  102. Esben Says:

    Hello again

    Sorry I got it written in Danish.

    But can anyone help me with a folder of this driver li 1718 states where drivers must fall.

    Hope can help me.

  103. LOBOR ALEX Says:

    thought heavy but can fulfil the need so there is need to compete for the market and ensure effective.

  104. Nikos Says:

    Hi,i have amilo li 1718 and even if i tried every kind of windows and drivers for the sound card,it still doesnt work.It says it works fine but you cant here a thing.I only get sound from a usb sound card.If anyone can help thanks

  105. stephen banks Says:

    launch manager works windows 7 thx

  106. Mika Says:

    Hi. These seems not to work for me. Graphic drivers are not installing, well installing yes, but after restart nothing. And wireless, it says no wireless networks in range. But i know there is. And Launch Manager 1.4.4 is not available in Fujitsu support page, download doesn’t start. Any ideas guys? :o/

  107. Mika Says:

    I solved the Graphical issue, but i failed to dl FSC Launch Manager 1.4.4. I cannot dl it from Fujitsu’s site and it cannot find it anywhere else either. Does anyone know where to dl it? Thanks.

  108. Mika Says:

    Problem solved, link is working. Just don’t try to dl from Fujitsu support page with Mac and Safari… use Firefox instead. Thanks for administrators for this post, much needed drivers!!

  109. ahmedaboeleel Says:

    sank you

  110. ian Says:

    When i click on download i get a page of jargon? Have the links stopped working? im using firefox!

  111. achrafmalki Says:

    thanks. you saved my pc

  112. Cameron Says:

    Hi, thanks for these drivers, they all worked except from one which was the wireless driver, i had to add my wireless card with the add hardware function and when i try to update the driver all goes well except from at the end it says that the driver is either corrupt or missing. if i am doing anything wrong please give me steps as i am not familiar with xp and would appreciate it greatly if you could help. thanks

  113. Michael Says:

    Hi…..I’m trying to help out someone who doesn’t have cash to reload a “Fujitsu Siemens Amilo LI 1718″ with XP. Everything seems to be working, but there’s no sound. I get pop-ups to load “SM BUS CONTROLLER” & “MODEM DEVICE ON HD AUDIO BUS”. The audio driver I downloaded from your site will not install until the “SM BUS CONTROLLER” is installed. The light on my flash drive also does not light up as it does on other machines when inserted, but data can be transferred either way without any problems.
    The drivers I’ve downloaded from you site are:
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Audio Driver XP,
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Chipset Driver XP,
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Dislay Driver XP,
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Modem Driver XP &
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 Wireless Driver XP.
    If you could assist with overcoming the pop-ups mentioned earlier it would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

  114. jamie stanworth123 Says:

    Its people like you that deserve credibility, you are an amazing person, thank you for publishing this, so helpful ! wish i could thank you personally ! God bless you sir!

  115. Michael Ksel Says:

    You are Briliant people like you that deserve credibility, you are an amazing person

  116. oussema Says:

    i dont have ” activation bouton wlan ” drveiver , my facebook : oussema saffar : oussema.saffar please aidé me

  117. Lost_In_Technolegy Says:

    you are my modern heroe baby! Where ancient knights fought for the poor and beaten down with there swords and the leaders of civil rights movemnets fought with there words you blessed us poor victims of cruel companys with your time saving warmth by suplying us with that life belt of drivers. Thank you so much!!! My little Amilo runs fast as a puma on speed. And the wirelessproblem is solved too.
    The Vista Fsc Launch Manager runs under XP aswell.
    And don´t forget to swich on your Wireless in bios Advance.

  118. Jennifer Says:

    wondering how fujitsu computers are doing now?

  119. Rado Says:

    Thanks mate!

  120. sivaprasad Says:

    Thanks for all

  121. Ahmed Says:

    I would jus like to know if its possible to connect my laptop to two screens without having to add any additional drivers or forms of adapters. Ur respone will be highly appreciated.

  122. Goce Says:

    No, I don’t believe that is possible Ahmed. As I can recall the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 has only one VGA output, so you can connect only one additional monitor.

  123. schumi Says:

    for wireless to work for 1718 you need to install atheros AR5001A
    than setup.exe adn it works 100%.

  124. ART Says:

    Links to Driveres Not Work – have been removed
    Please upload agine

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