Asus M51Va Windows XP Drivers Download

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Asus M51Va Drivers XP
Asus M51Va Drivers XP


Manufacturer: AsusTek

Model: M51VA-AP082

CPU: Core2Duo T5800

Graphic: Radeon Mobility X3650 VGA

Memory: 3GB DDR2 RAM

Hard Disk: 320GB SATA

ODD: Super Multi DVD-WR

Network: b/g WLAN, Gigabit Ethernet LAN

Features: WEB Camera, Bluetooth, IMR, 6 Cell Battery

Display: 15.4′ LCD WXGA Glare Type

So we have the M51Va notebook from Asus. A great little notebook, higher class can be used for business tasks as well as for entertainment purposes like gaming, watching movies and so on.  Yes, you can play newer games who support DirectX 10(by the way, DX10 comes only with Vista, and not with XP) on the M51Va like Crysis, Far Cry, Company of Heroes, did I mentioned Crysis? There are so few games for DirectX 10 out there at the moment and to run them with the full details and experience the whole new features of DirectX 10 hardware you probably need something more than the ATI Radeon X3650. So my point is: you don’t necessarily need Vista for the Asus M51Va. BUT! Guess what, it comes with Vista and Vista only, Windows XP is not supported by Asus for the M51Va. Which in turn means that they won’t give you the XP drivers with it, and they won’t upload them to their website. No worries, again I am here to deliver. I found every single xp driver for the Asus M51Va and you can rest assure as they are the most recent. Here is the list:



Asus Security Protect Manager

ATK Hotkey Utility Windows XP

ATK Media Utility Windows XP


ATKOSD2 Utility Windows XP

Bluetooth Windows XP

Camera Chicony Windows XP

Camera D-Max Windows XP

Card Reader Windows XP

Chipset Windows XP

Graphic Video Display Driver Windows XP

Some have reported problems with the Display Driver above. Please use this one instead:

Ati Mobility Radeon Newest Driver –  03/21/09

Ethernet LAN Windows XP

Audio Sound HDMI Windows XP

Audio Sound Windows XP

Modem Windows XP

Touchpad Windows XP

Wireless WiFi Atheros Windows XP

Wireless WiFi Intel Windows XP

There are two different camera models for the Asus M51Va notebook, the Chicony and D-Max. You should see which one your personal notebook has and install the correct driver. Also there are two different wireless adapters for the Asus M51Va notebook: Intel and Atheros. I’ve included both so you can choose the correct for your model.

If you have any comments, problems or just want to say thanks please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Enjoy using Windows XP 🙂

36 thoughts on “Asus M51Va Windows XP Drivers Download”

  1. Hello Stefan,

    Could you please tell me the exact model of your notebook? I know it is Asus M51Va Series, but if you turn it upside down, you can notice something like the following at the bottom:

    Model: M51VA-AP082

    The second number(AP082) is what I need to know to determine your graphic card model. Also please tell me what graphic card you have. I installed the driver I have published on two M51VA-AP082 notebooks and it worked perfectly. So please confirm your exact Asus M51Va model and your exact graphic card model.

    Also you may have issues because of previous installations of other drivers. You should install this on a fresh windows xp installation.

    Awaiting for your answer,


  2. Hello
    I have exactly the same problem. I wrote to Asus support service, but they have not answered already.
    But I see the same problem here.
    I have not tryed to install that graphic driver becouse of this forum.
    How do I know the second parth of model number?
    is this that?
    would it works on this also?
    Thank You

  3. Hello Aibabos,

    Your model is a little bit different than the one I have published here, but you have exactly the same graphic card, so the graphic driver should work with your machine just fine. Download it and install the exe file, and please keep us updated if it worked so others can know.


  4. Yeah guys
    It works.
    Really MANY THANKS to Gose, and everyone who participied on gathering these drivers.
    Lets rock’n roll

    Have a nice day

  5. Aibabos thanks for your reply here, and conformation that the graphic drivers actually work.

    pt, yes I can find the drivers for you, but I need some more info for your notebook model. Could you make a request at this forum providing some more details?


  6. Hi
    Something more.
    The wifi driver had some problems to install, and some drivers just wasnt there (service manager said). but when I updated win (XP : ) with SP3, and set win to update himself at will, he (win) found drivers that was missing.
    but I have to add, that 3 drivers from here my PC downloaded wrongly (cant unrar), but when I downloaded again, it worked perfectly

  7. Hi, i have asus m51Ta-ap034 with win xp sp3 fresh install. Difference is just in processor (mine with turion rm70) and 1GB more ram. Every other driver worked just fine except graphic one. Win reported 2 graphic chips, one 3650 and second 3200. Drivers installs ok but after reboot i just get black screen every time. I heard it normaly start from the speakers but without any picture, just black. After deleting drivers from safe mode win returned to generic vga graphic. I tried several times but unsuccsessfully. So now i’m back to vista until i find somewhere drivers that someone can proove with pic. Just to add that my ati3650 has 512MB ram. If you have any clue why it doesnt work for me, i would appreciate.

    I know you did a hard work collecting all these drivers but graphic one just didnt work for mine.


  8. I have this notebook but the Cpu is a “Duo T9400” everything else is the same just the CPU not a “Core2Duo T5800”

  9. Hi,
    I have Asus M51VA-AS043C with win Xp SP2. I’ve got a problem with driver on “Intel(R) ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Port 4 – 2946” is not recognized. Could anyone tell me what device is attached to this PCI slot.


  10. Hello. I have the same problem as Stefan with my ASUS x56ta. I think that it caused by missing chipset driver (AMD M780G). Do you know were I can find driver for this one??

  11. What Windows XP does it support for this laptop ASUS M51VA? 32 bit, 64 bit, sp2, sp3 …

    I have an Asus M51VA-AP016C and I don’t know what Windows XP to put


  12. VGA driver is not compatibile with logo of Windows XP. I cant find a drive which is compatible .please help me.

  13. Thorsten Mielke

    Hi there, I just ordered the Asus M50VN-AK048C, which sadly enough will come with Vista only. I want to run XP on. Is there already any expierence available for installing XP on the M50Vn? That would help a lot!


  14. Hi there. i just bot asus m51v with same confg as it is on the page and i dear to find XP drivers. Can some one please tell me what is the diference between m51v and m51va when the confg is the same and where can i find this drivers.

  15. My model is:


    someone can tell me the correct graphic driver pls?
    i have problems with my drivers.. blue screen :s

  16. Did anyone have problem with restarting Windows XP due to bad graphic drivers ? I know it’s graphics cause when I turn it off in safe mode laptop starts off just fine

  17. My model is

    M51VA – AP016C

    I have the same problem like fauves: i can`t install the xp graphic drivers
    Has anyone been able to install the mobility 3650 on XP?

  18. Hello Onima,

    Thanks for reporting the problem.
    I have updated the post with a newer driver that should work for your Ati Mobility Graphic Card.

    Please write back after you test it so others can be sure if it works.


  19. Firstable, thanks for your answer Goce.
    Unfortunately the newer drivers don`t work.
    I get the same blue screen after installing the drivers.
    I don´t know what to do, because I have tried a lot of different drivers

  20. I’ve got the same problem with any drivers, try this: P108617.EXE write that in google and download it should working

  21. Certainly agree with what you explained. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I generally get irked when folks focus on issues which they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail right about the head and explained out everything without having complication. Maybe, individuals can take a signal. Will likely be back to obtain more. Many thanks

  22. bonjour ja une pc portable fujitsu siemens 1720 et jai des problem de pilote wiffi et son

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