Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa 3515 Windows XP Drivers Download

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa 3515 XP Drivers

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa 3515 XP Drivers

Another model from Fujitsu Siemens without the Windows XP drivers on their official website. Actually this machine is pretty good to stand Vista, but why would you want a slower machine than a Celeron processor just to have a new fancy operating system like Vista right? So here are all the drivers and I have also made a video on how to disable sata in the bios so you can install Windows XP without getting the blue screen of death. Here is the video tutorial:

And here are all the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa 3515 Windows XP Drivers for Download:

*Install them by the order listed here:

Chipset Driver Windows XP Download

Display Driver Windows XP Download

Audio Driver Windows XP Download

CardReader Driver Windows XP Download

Ethernet Driver Windows XP Download

HotKeys Driver Windows XP Download

TouchPad Driver Windows XP Download

Wireless Atheros Driver Windows XP Download

That should be it. If you have any remarks please use the comment form below. Enjoy.

40 Responses to “Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa 3515 Windows XP Drivers Download”

  1. Gabor Takacs Says:

    Thank you for the drivers. They works on my Pa3515 note, except the WLan one. After short searching I found RTL8187B USB2.0 WLandriver
    on the Realtek page and it was good.
    So this note is produced with different Wifi cards.

  2. da9els Says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ll post again if the Wlan driver differs here too. Thanx again :o)

  3. mixoni Says:

    Hey can you please reupload display driver because he report some error during download….Please I need them for my Amilo…


  4. Marijn Says:


    Thank you for your clear awnser tutorial.
    I know this was the problem. I also used it with other HP Notebooks.
    I own a PI 3525.
    However, I have a different BIOS version.
    I dont find the option to select IDE under the tab advanced…
    Do I have a newer BIOS? Can I downgrade my BIOS?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. leonard Says:

    hay,pleas upload again the display driver because when i want to unzipt apers to be some erorss.can u do this whants again plessss(upload) thanks or send me at

  6. ADRENALIN Says:

    I have Pa 3553, and i didn’t try these drivers yet, but i succsessfuly instal xp on my comp. I dont know exactly the name of tghe option, but on my notebook the thing is to change sata mode from what ever to Legacy mode, and then there is no Blue screen and u can install xp.

  7. vlada jeretin Says:

    Your drivers work excellent except web camera and express card. I need to have express card driver because use that card as serial port adapter (use it to diagnose automotive engine computers). Please be so kind to tell me how to work with express cards or give some drivers for XP for them.

  8. Marcus Says:

    In my PA3515 is also RTL8187B wifi card…

  9. bigjoe Says:

    i need driver for my vga.

  10. Strava Says:

    I need driver for Web Cam on my FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO PA 3515!? Please can somebody help me!?

  11. ziemboy Says:

    Hm.. well all goes ok when I’m installin my xp(same goes for mx v6), but when I restart my notebook, after installing any drivers(vga or motherboard) the blue screen comes at my face and it crushes before the windows loading bar… help!

  12. Martianu Says:

    I installed the driver but my soundcard on amilo pa3515 don`t recognize it. what can I do??

  13. Says:

    Thanks a lot !

  14. Mr.Diabolus Says:

    Chipset drivers made my Pa3513 loop in constant reboot.
    Another driver i tried was wireless. Also didn’t work – no such device.

  15. mr.che Says:

    vga driver dont working… its very very bad. let shit amilo….

  16. Gbor Says:

    I’ve got the same problem as Strava. My machine doesn’t recognize the webcam.
    Yes, I tried the hotkeys, I get the blue LED, but the cam still doesn’t work. I’m using XP, and I’ve heard that since these notebooks were designed for Vista, some parts (like the webcam) doesn’t support XP…

    So in the end: is there a WORKING webcam driver for Amilo pa3515 under xp, or I have to get an USB webcam…?

  17. Inchy Says:

    Thanks for drivers, man.
    Problems only with Chipset and WLAN, but i found another drvs for this hardware.
    Thanks again

  18. ronin Says:

    U R my Hero!!!!!! thank you

  19. Fabio Says:

    video drivers installed correctly, restart the screen stays black PCs!

  20. Fabio Says:

    sorry for the double post, you have solutions?

  21. Deon Bublikoff Says:

    Thanks a BIG-BIG lot! :)
    It was realy need to me! I had to advised to buy Amilo to my brother and had to promised instal XP… I did not know that is almost impossible

  22. jan Says:

    Thx for all those drivers.
    It would have been impossible to install XP without them,and to get rid of the Vista mess.
    They all work fine,and the machine is now much
    faster than ever before.
    As for the webcam driver problems some people here
    talk about,after install XP there is an automatic
    recognation, just click on the camera thumb and
    you have it working fine.
    In my XP setup NO additional drivers nessessary.
    Thx again for your great help with the drivers!

  23. Dany Says:

    I have pa 3515 with vista instaled, can i switch to windows 7 ??

  24. adi Says:

    See here step by step guide for Windows 7 upgrade:
    However, be aware that among the first steps is a BIOS upgrade. I just did the upgrade using an ISO image to my PA 3515, it stated to be succesful upgrade, but after reboot the screen is black and I cannot make it work again. Tomorrow I will call Siemens tech supprot

  25. IVAN Says:

    I have amilo Li3710.
    Can I install Xp?

  26. marina Says:

    danke schon!!!!!!!

  27. ali Says:

    hello, please help, i need win vista and 7 driver for amilo pa3515

  28. Harriett Sammartano Says:

    No, I do not think so, but the style of your article i’ll like it

  29. yasser Says:

    i need controleur vga compatible for fujitsu simens L3700

  30. yasser Says:

    hurry plz

  31. Fujitsu Siemens - Instalacja XP - Forum Says:

    […] […]

  32. fa Says:


    i need a driver for my webcam.I cant find it anywhere,if any one knows anything please contact me on


  33. shayan Says:

    خیلی ممنونم سایت بسیار مفید وزیبای دارین اونچیزی که میخام تونستم بیابم ممنونم وسپاسگذرم من یه ایرونی هستم مرسی بای .ok bay

  34. Mitar Says:

    I can`t instal wifi driver ????

  35. Drivers FUJITSU SIEMENS | Drivers Says:

    […] … model from Fujitsu Siemens without the Windows XP drivers on their … And here are all the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa 3515 Windows XP Drivers for Download: … Link: [Descargar] […]

  36. me Says:

    can not download any drivers it opens whit a strange language made up out of signs nothing at all

  37. Andrei Says:

    me… u have to use internet explorer to download the drivers, it doesn’t work with mozila. that gave me a headache too :))

  38. Den Says:

    WLan you can find at web site

  39. Anthony Says:

    Any Windows 7 Audio Drivers somewhere available for fujitsu siemens amilo pa 3515.

  40. whale Says:

    Broken .rar – Audio Driver Windows XP Download
    chipset – installed only SMbus inf but not included .exe which broke my system. Had to “last known good configuration” after installing exe

    Everything else works like a charm.
    Thank you ;)

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