nVidia Notebook Mobility Drivers Fixed for Asus

Most of the notebook drivers for nvidia doesn’t work for the specific notebook models like Asus, sony, msi, lenovo, toshiba, dell etc. I don’t know why nvidia doesn’t support specific graphic cards for hardware manufacturers, but it seems like they have given up on the driver support part from notebooks. Well I have made a Asus K53SV Review, and the driver I downloaded from their support website was old a few months and I couldn’t run any game or benchmark properly. Other users reported the same.

As per request, here is a modified nVidia Notebook 270.61 driver for Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit. If you want to do the same procedure by yourself here you can Fix Nvidia Notebook Driver. It’s not as complicated as it looks like and it is worth the try.

Download nVidia Notebook 270.61 Mobility Driver for Windows Vista/7 64-bit.

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