Asus X53S Notebook Install XP Drivers


Manufacturer: Asus
Model: X53S
MB Ver. : F3SG ID: 2A
Exact Model: X53SG-AP173
Check Number: 3200

* The same drivers listed for download will most probably apply to every Asus X53S notebook(i.e. X53Sa, X53Sc, X53Se, X53Sr, X53Sv)


1. If you try to install Windows XP, you get the: “Setup did not find any hard disk drives” message at the first stage of installing Windows XP.

2. There are no drivers on the official website of asus. The model X53Sg is not even available there. A cd with only Vista drivers was available with the notebook, so I decided to post a guide on how to install XP and all of the drivers for winXP which I found through the net. They are all working perfectly, but they are not available on the asus website.


1. Passing “Setup did not find any hard disk drives” message on Windows XP Installation

The first thing you have to do is set SATA Mode to Compatible in your BIOS. You should enter the BIOS hitting the F2 key right after the notebook is started. Just navigate to the Advanced tab with your arrow keys, press Enter to the first option IDE Configuration to open it, and then again press enter to the first option SATA Operation Mode to change it to Compatible. You can see this at the video below:

If you want to leave SATA mode to enhanced, you can install windows by attaching an USB Floppy Device, and by inserting a previously made floppy with the intel sata drivers for xp, or you could try to slipstream the drivers into Windows XP and install. But I personally wouldn’t go through that much of a pain, because I haven’t noticed any difference between the two modes of SATA.

2. Download the XP Drivers and Install

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